Seraphine LoL: Abilities, Build, Runes And Items

Seraphine: As one of the newest champions in League of Legends, Seraphine has quickly become a fan-favorite for many players. Her unique blend of musical abilities and crowd control make her a powerful asset on the battlefield. This resource is ideal for players familiar with Seraphine who want to quickly choose a rune selection for Patch 13.6. However, for new players, we recommend reading through guides to gain a better understanding of why this build is effective on Seraphine. By doing so, you can develop a better understanding of how to play this champion effectively.


Seraphine, the magical champion released in the midst of the pandemic on 29-10-2020. The starry-eyed songstress quickly climbed to the top of the tier list with her unique blend of music-based abilities and crowd control. If you’re on the hunt for the top best skins in League of Legends, look no further. Our comprehensive guide provides information on all of Seraphine’s skins changer, including her newest and older options. In addition, you can find details on all of Seraphine’s chromas, skin prices, rarities, release dates, and when each skin last went on sale.

Who is Seraphine LoL

When Seraphine was first introduced, her lore consisted of only five paragraphs. It revealed that she was a young girl raised in Piltover by parents from Zaun who gave up everything to protect her. It had a unique ability that allowed her to hear people’s songs, causing her immense pain. The only thing that saved her from going insane was a crystal that dampened the sounds around her.

Seraphine lol

Seraphine made her debut just over a year ago and was met with intense hatred from the League of Legends community. Many players found her to be an unnecessary addition to the game, given that her aesthetic and abilities seemed to overlap with existing champions such as Lux and Sona. Additionally, her overly positive demeanor and “starry-eyed songstress” persona did not seem to fit with the darker, more serious tone of the game. Despite some attempts to make her more appealing to players.

Seraphine’s lore describes her as a young girl with a passion for music and a desire to connect with others. She has the ability to hear the emotions of those around her as musical notes, and she uses this gift to create music that uplifts and inspires others.

How to Play Seraphine LoL?

While Seraphine is a strong champion, she can struggle against certain counters such as Veigar or Zeri. To win your lane and overcome these challenges, you need to select the right spells, items, and runes. Our Seraphine ADC pro build can help you do just that. By following our build and mastering this champion’s unique playstyle. You can become a formidable force on the Rift and achieve victory against even the toughest opponents.

Items for Seraphine

There are some items that you must have while playing the seraphine lol. These items are listed here.

  • Doran’s Ring: Doran’s Ring is a starting item in League of Legends that provides several benefits to the player. For a cost of 400 gold, it provides 60 health, 15 ability power, and 5 mana regeneration per 5 seconds.
  • Health Potion: Health Potion is a consumable item in League of Legends that can be used to restore a portion of a player’s health. It costs 50 gold and restores 150 health over a 15-second period.
  • Stealth Ward: Stealth Ward is a consumable item in League of Legends that costs 75 gold and provides a vision of an area for a limited amount of time.
  • Lonian Boots of Lucidity:  Boots in LoL Game that cost 900 gold and provide +15 ability haste and +10% summoner spell haste.
  • Cosmic Drive: Cosmic Drive is a legendary item in League of Legends that provides several benefits to the player. It costs 3200 gold and provides +70 ability power, +200 health, and +30 ability haste.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap: It is a powerful item in League of Legends that provides a significant increase in a player’s ability power. It costs 3800 gold and provides +120 ability power.
  • Void Staff: Item in League of Legends that provides significant magic penetration to the player. It costs 2500 gold and provides +65 ability power.
  • Liandry’s Anguish: Item in League of Legends that provides a significant increase in ability power and damage over time. It costs 3200 gold and provides +80 ability power and +600 mana.

Seraphine Abilities And Summoner Spells

Seraphine is a versatile champion in League of Legends with a variety of abilities and summoner spells to choose from. During champion selection, players have the option to choose two summoner spells for this champion. It’s important not to underestimate the impact of these spells, as they can play a crucial role in team fights.

seraphine abilities

Based on statistics, the best choice for summoner spells for Seraphine is Flash and Teleport. Flash is a must-have for most champions as it allows them to quickly reposition themselves during a fight or escape from danger. Teleport can be useful for split-pushing.

Seraphine Ability Skill Order( Seraphine Kit)

Seraphine’s abilities grant her a note for every allied champion they hit. After reaching 3 notes, her next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage and also extend the range of her abilities.

Seraphine’s passive ability, Stage Presence, is one of her most unique features and offers a range of interesting interactions for players. Players can choose which ability to use depending on what they need at the moment.

  • Q – High Note: Seraphine sends out a sound wave that deals magic damage to all enemies it hits and also grants her a note for each enemy champion hit.
  • W – Surround Sound: Seraphine grants herself and an allied champion shield and movement speed. The shield strength and movement speed are increased for each ally champion nearby when the ability is cast.
  • E – Beat Drop: Seraphine releases a shockwave that deals magic damage to enemies and also slows them down. Enemies hit by the shockwave also grant her a note for each champion hit.
  • R – Encore: Seraphine performs a song that deals magic damage to enemies and charms them for a short duration. The ability can be cast again up to two more times, with each cast dealing additional magic damage and increasing the charm duration.

Level Key Champion Spell Image
1 Q High Note HIGH note
2 E Beat Drop beat drop
3 W Surround Sound sround sound
4 Q High Note HIGH note
5 Q High Note HIGH note
6 R Encore incore
7 Q High Note HIGH note
8 W Surround Sound sround sound
9 Q High Note HIGH note
10 W Surround Sound sround sound

Effective Seraphine Runes

Choosing the right runes for Seraphine in League of Legends can make a big difference in how effective she is in the game. These runes can help make it a formidable force in League of Legends. However, it’s important to note that runes can vary based on playstyle and personal preference, so players should experiment and find what works best for them. Here are some effective runes given.

Primary Seraphine Runes

  1. Summon Aery: This rune provides a small shield and increases Seraphine’s damage output on her target.
  2. Manaflow Band: Seraphine is a champion who relies heavily on mana, and this rune helps her sustain her mana pool throughout the game.
  3. Transcendence: This rune increases Seraphine’s ability haste, which reduces the cooldown on her abilities.
  4. Scorch: This rune provides extra damage to Seraphine’s abilities, helping her deal more damage to her opponents.

For the Secondary Runes, players can choose between:

  1. Presence of Mind: Similar to the Manaflow Band, this rune helps Seraphine sustain her mana pool throughout the game, allowing her to use her abilities more frequently.
  2. Cut Down: This rune provides bonus damage to Seraphine against tanky opponents, making her more effective against beefy champions.
  3. Gathering Storm: This rune provides additional scaling power to Seraphine’s abilities as the game progresses, making her more powerful in the late game.

Champions that Counter Seraphine

The first thing you must remember is to recognize your counter of seraphine. They are the champion that can harm you in a way that you couldn’t defend yourself. Zeri is the most dangerous counter for Seraphine. Other Counter includes Veigar which has a win ratio of 51%. Zed is an assassin with high burst damage and mobility, making it difficult for Seraphine to escape his attacks. Kassadin’s ability to silence Seraphine can interrupt her combos and make it more difficult for her to use her abilities effectively.


Why is Seraphine so popular?

Seraphine is popular due to her unique musical theme and versatile playstyle that allows her to support her team while also dealing damage to enemies.

Is Seraphine a good lol?

Seraphine is considered a strong champion in League of Legends, with a unique kit that allows her to support her team while also dealing damage to enemies.

Is Seraphine more powerful than Jinx?

Seraphine has a slightly higher win rate against Jinx than the average opponent, winning 50.28% of the time. After normalizing both champions’ win rates, Seraphine wins against Jinx 1.39% more often than expected.

What role is Seraphine in lol?

Seraphine is a mage champion in League of Legends who typically plays as a support, but can also be played in the mid-lane.

Is Seraphine a guy?

No, Seraphine is not a guy. She is a female champion with bright blue sapphire eyes and dyed bright pink hair in the game League of Legends.


In conclusion, Seraphine is a unique and popular champion in the game League of Legends. Her musical theme and abilities make her a versatile and supportive mage who excels at both dealing damage to enemies and providing utility to her team. Her passive ability, Stage Presence, adds an extra layer of depth to her kit and allows for interesting interactions and strategic gameplay. Overall, Seraphine’s popularity among players is a testament to her engaging playstyle and character design.

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