MODs: A Brief Introduction and Explanation

MODs are quite popular these days. MOD is not just one program it is a term. This term can be used for any program/app that has been moded.

What actually is a MOD?

You must be familiar with the term CRACK. Crack is a customized version of any program/game which has certain restrictions like the sign in, pay to use features, etc removed. MOD is kind of the same thing as crack but it’s applied on smartphone Apps and games.

MOD is more advanced than cracks. MODs do not just remove restrictions of a program but also adds few extra tweaks to it. Thanks to developers We have more useful MODs versions of any program.

Why we need MODs?

As mentioned above, MOD removes restrictions from programs and also adds new features. There been much development in smartphone apps, especially in android. With the development came excellent features. Sometimes developers require users to pay for certain features. Sometimes the app needs some polishings to enhance its features. Here are some basic points of why we need MODs.

  • To unlock the paid features of apps.
    MOD allows users to enjoy paid only features of games or apps for free.
  • To get rid of absurd restrictions in the App or game.
    Some developer companies put restrictions on Apps or games. You can overcome these restrictions by using MODed versions of such Apps.
  • Add extra features in the App or game.
    MODed versions of Apps add extra functionality in the Apps. Making the same App more useful.
  • Save a few bucks.
    MODs are basically unofficial and MODed versions of the Apps already available in the market. Developers of MODs don’t charge users. Hence you can get paid Apps in the MODed versions for free.

Cons of Using MODs

every picture has two sides. These MODs also come with severe consequences if you don’t know what you are using.

  • May Contain Viruses
    If you are downloading MOD from an unknown and untrusted website there is a risk of infecting your device with viruses.
  • Privacy Risks
    The developers who develop MODs may not comply with privacy rules. But worry not most of the guys are not hackers. They just want to give you premium apps for free. Though downloading MODs from trusted developers and websites is always recommended.
  • Data theft
    Some hackers use MODed Apps to steal user data. If you use insecure MODs your passwords, Pictures and banking details you enter are at risk.
  • No liability
    Since MODs are unofficial and MODed versions of Applications, the developers of MODs take zero liability. If the MOD is not compatible with your device and harms your device you can never blame them. well, There no fun without risks.

Some Featured MODed Apps and Games

Here are some featured MODed Versions of known Applications and Games for Android.

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