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MOD Skin DOTA is a software designed for the DOTA 2 game, it allows the players to enjoy premium skins, weapon sets, and heroes for free. Not everybody is rich to pay for heroes, skins, equipment, and upgrades in the game. It doesn’t that person or people should play these games. We have a solution for you to enjoy these paid features and skillsets for free.


A quick introduction of DOTA 2:

DOTA 2 is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. It has good graphics and a variety of heroes. The Heroes are upgradable. You can unlock different skillsets and skins for your heroes by upgrading them. The gameplay is intense. You must use hero skills wisely in order to win the matches. So be careful which heroes you choose. Each hero possesses different skillsets and abilities.


Skins and abilities :

You can unlock premium skins and premium abilities of a hero to use during battle if you pay for them. A step ahead of your opponent can surely promise your victory. These paid features actually cost a lot.

Unfortunately, good things can only be bought in modern world games. So either you spend money on premium features or use can use 3rd party tools.

Features of MOD Skin DOTA:

This tool does as advertised. Its all for love of the game and not for money. so hop along to see what it has to offer.

  • Enjoy custom and premium skins for free
    Premium skins in DOTA 2 are expensive. Getting these costs a lot. You can either buy these or keep staring at others using those premium skins. That’s not the case anymore. With this tool, you can try all premium skins for free. Save this money to spend on something good in real life.
  • Try any skin or avatar in DOTA 2 for free
    DOTA 2 features about hundreds of thousands of skins/avatars for heroes. Some are paid and others require certain player levels. The MOD Skin DOTA helps you try every single skin without any hassle. Now that’s what e call a real MOD.
The awesomeness of DOTA 2
  • No banned
    Hacks and 3rd party tools often result in ID ban. but This tool will never get your ID banned. All the skins and MODs are only visible to you and the game engine can not detect it. So you will never get banned. Use this MOD with peace of mind.
  • Free to download
    In this world of Pay to play nothing comes free. Not even hacks and cheats, thankfully, this tool is free to download and it has no expiry date. You can use it for as long as you want it.
  • Tiny in Size
    The tool is very tiny in size as compared to 10 GB space taken up by DOTA 2 game. The total size after installation doesn’t exceed 100 MB. So you don’t have to free another 10 GB for this tool.
  • Easy to use
    No manual cracking/patching required. No developers’ knowledge required. Just tap to run the program. Simply install, open and chose your favorite skins and hit MOD. That’s all.

Download MOD Skin DOTA:

Click on the links below to download.

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